• The Social Achievers/Des architectes de la société
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Since the beginning of Christianity, men and women were inspired by the Holy Spirit that God provided in our holy saints. The latter inspired with their spirituality those who built the present society in North America.

In Canada as well as in the United States of America, Catholic saints such as St Benedict of Nursia, St Augustin of Hippo, St Vincent de Paul, founders of The Catholic Church (Jesus Christ), The Anglican Church (St Augustine of Canterbury), the Presbyterian Church (Rev. John Knox), the Methodist Church (Rev. John Wesley), the Congregational Church (Rev. Robert Browne), the Baptist Church (Rev. John Smyth and Rev. Thomas Helwys), the United Church (Rev. Samuel D. Chown), and other Christian religions were instrumental in acting as pivotal figures which inspired the leaders who acted in the building of the North American society.

These leading figures are the social achievers who fulfilled the needs of the population over the centuries towards their self-development and emancipation in order to ensure a future for themselves.

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The Social Achievers/Des architectes de la société

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