• The Irish Tradition - 1st Edition

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The Industrial Revolution, overpopulation and the potato famine all led to the immigration of millions of Irish people who took refuge around the globe. Since these events, Ireland has gradually taken root in all key sectors of our society.

The Irish Tradition was written to reveal how the diaspora carried the shapers of Canada, and the significant impact Irish influence has had on the foundation and development of the New World. (Thomas Cahill’s book ‘How the Irish saved civilization’ proved Ireland’s impressive contribution from the fall of Rome to the rise of medieval Europe, and Tim Pat Coogan’s ‘Wherever green is worn’ discusses the considerable impact the Irish have had on political, religious, academic and union institutions, especially in Europe (UK), USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Latin America and in the Caribbean).

Unique in its scope, this book covers the ways the Irish have shown their resilience and have stood out throughout the generations in Canada. It shows how local, provincial, national and international figures have left their mark on the New World. It also highlights their drive as they improved their lives, and contributed to society through their knowledge, leadership and ingenuity.

Through enterprises and major institutions, they have influenced their communities’ well-being and development in a very positive way. The Irish Identity is enhanced particularly thanks to many Canadian and International achievers of Irish origin in fields as diversified as exploration (McClure, McClintock), the fur trade (Connolly), business (Reford, Eaton, Holt, McCain, Shaughnessy, Meighen, McCrea, Sifton, Price, McLaughlin, McConnell, McCormick, Donohue, Lévesque, Collard, Joyce, Monahan, Boivin, Cribb, Barriere and Harvey), the political scene (Carleton, Uniacke, Baldwin, D’Arcy McGee, Sheyhn, Lynch, Riel, Fitzpatrick, Power and Duplessis), diplomatic and military operations (De Chastelain), religious activities (O’Reilly, McMahon, O’Bready...), scientific development (Hingston, Bowles, Marconi and Kerwin), heritage preservation (O’Gallagher), humanitarian support (Smith) as well as literature (Barry and Nelligan) and music (McCartney, Travers).

A major event that presents the rich Irish culture the diaspora has shared with the world is the St. Patrick’s parade. An example of this cultural identity which speaks for itself is the longest-standing and one-of-a-kind St. Patrick’s parade held in Montreal.

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The Irish Tradition - 1st Edition

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