• The Irish American Tradition - 1st Edition
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The Irish American Tradition constitutes the most comprehensive study concerning the significant role of Irish American leaders in the United States. It focuses on the contribution of Irish American achievers to all aspects of public life since their arrival in America. The Irish Diaspora has gradually taken roots in all key sectors of our society. The history of the Irish is plagued with many harsh difficulties and challenges - English imperialism, legal and religious discrimination, political and religious hardships and of course the Great Potato Famine. These hardships brought millions of Irish people to seek refuge throughout the world. These Irish immigrants and their descendants have since had an outstanding impact on the economic, political, social and cultural landscapes of the world. In the USA, forty million Americans can claim Irish ancestry!

According to Connecticut businessman Carl Shanahan, Chairman of The Irish American Museum of Washington, D.C., «The History of Ireland is the History of America». In this view, The Irish American Tradition is meant to focus on the achievements of outstanding Irish American leaders on local, regional, national and international scales. Their imprint is to be found on almost all fields of human achievements: explorer (McLoughlin), inventors (Fulton, Morse, Gamble, Stewart, Holland), patriots and pioneers (Tracey, Montgomery, Barry, Decatur, MacDonough, Fitzsimons), religious figures (Carroll, McElroy, Hughes, Gibbons, Ireland, Williams, O’Connell, McGivney, Riordan, Spellman), statesmen (Carroll, Hancock, Houston, Grace, Phelan, Wilson, Fitzgerald, Curley, Kennedy), international diplomat and peacemaker (DeChastelain), manufacturing (Ford, McCormick, Procter & Gamble, Grace, Farrell, Lougheed, Galvin, McKnight, Getty, Keough, Welch), banking (Mellon), scientific learning (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Boston College, Catholic University of America, Fordham, Carnegie-Mellon, Georgetown, John Carroll, St. Thomas universities), media (O’Connor, Hearst, Medill, McCormick, McGraw. Murphy), the arts (Copley, Crawford), history (O’Callagahan) entertainment (Disney), heritage (Burns, O’Neill), philanthrophy (Brennan Glucksman) and music (John McCormack, Sir Paul McCartney, The Irish Tenors, John McDermott).

The aforementioned leaders and many others are cited as models in major Irish events (St. Patrick’s Day Parades), organizations (The Charitable Irish Society, The Ancient Order of Hibernians, The Eire Society of Boston, The American Ireland Fund, The American Irish Historical Society, The Irish American Heritage Center), museum (The Irish American Museum), media (Irish America Magazine, Irish Central) and award recognitions (The Order of St. Patrick, The Irish America Hall of Fame).

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The Irish American Tradition - 1st Edition

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